The Federal Work-Study Program is a need-based employment assistance program. It provides employment opportunities for students that qualify. These opportunities are on campus, as well as in local community service organizations. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for this need-based award. If the student qualifies for Federal Work-Study assistance, the student will receive an award letter from the Financial Aid Office indicating the maximum amount of wages the student is able to earn. Students are paid bi-weekly by check or direct deposit for hours worked. Students generally use earned wages to help defray personal educational expenses. All student employment is subject to job availability.

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The Student Job Center

  • Provides the opportunity for students to meet college expenses through employment.
  • Provides a central location for all activities related to the employment of students.
  • Provides an orderly process through which students are hired on campus. Students cannot begin working on campus without first completing paperwork with the Job Center.
  • Provides an orderly process through which students learn about jobs off campus.

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Brenda Fitak
Student Employment/Private Donor Scholarship Coordinator