Living on campus can enrich your college experience and help you to form bonds with your fellow classmates that will last for a lifetime.  Here are some helpful tips to make the transition easier and avoid headaches.

When purchasing blankets and linens for your dorm or apartment on campus, keep in mind that campus mattresses are size “Twin Extra-Long.”

Don’t forget to pack towels and other shower accessories like soap and shampoo and, of course, a shower caddy to place them in.

Residents clean their own rooms, so you can either bring your own cleaning supplies or stop by the Miner Housing Office between 10 a.m.-midnight to check out brooms, mops, Windex, etc.

If you plan on hanging up posters, or if you want to hang up your book bag, you can use Command Strips or Poster Putty (permanent damage can come from screws, nails and most types of tape).

We recommend bringing desk supplies (like pencils, a small desk lamp, Post-Its, a Dry Erase board, surge protectors).

Don’t forget to bring your own laundry detergent and fabric softener. When you arrive on Welcome Weekend and get your keys, you can also purchase a laundry card for $5.00 (comes with a $2.00 credit for one full load of laundry).

If you want to make your dorm room feel more homey, you can find floor rugs at many local retailers. We recommend rugs no larger than 11’ x 9’.

Some students prefer to bring a fan, humidifier or dehumidifier. Please feel free to do this, but air conditioners are not permitted.

Dishes and eating utensils, for your late night snacks or when crunching before an exam.

If you want to have a microwave or mini-fridge, make sure to talk to your roommate, or even your suitemates about this, to make sure you don’t double up on appliances. Keep in mind that hot plates, George Foremans, toasters, and toaster ovens, are not permitted on campus.

Northwood University loves animals of all kinds, but please keep in mind that only non-aggressive fish friends are allowed to be within on-campus housing. This is to protect our human friends from breaking out with an allergic reaction!

We recommend bringing a chain-link bike lock to lock the closet in your dorm room during winter and spring break. We recommend keeping any belongings that you do not take home with you locked in your closet.

If you (or your roommate) are bringing a flat panel/digital screen TV, you will also need to bring a coaxial cable cord to connect to the complimentary digital cable on campus. If you are bringing an older, tube-type TV set, you will need a QAM digital converter box in order to connect to Midland County’s new digital cable. This device may be purchased through the Housing Department for $35 (limited availability) or at most electronic stores.