Download Active Shooter Tips

In the event of an Active Shooter on campus...

You should:

GET OUT: Evacuate the building

  • Have an escape route planned.
  • Leave belongings behind.
  • Keep your hands visible.

HIDE OUT: Shelter in place

  • Lock/barricade doors and windows.
  • Stay calm and out of sight; close blinds.
  • Turn off lights, TVs, PC monitors and silence cell phones.
  • Take cover behind concrete walls, heavy doors, desks, etc.

CALL OUT: Alert proper authorities

  • Call 911.
  • Lines may be busy; redial if needed.
  • Respond to dispatch questions.

TAKE OUT: Engage the shooter

  • Engage captor/shooter as a last resort only when your life is in grave danger.
  • Attempt to incapacitate the shooter by any means possible.

Police officers will:

TAKE OUT: Engage the shooter

  • Remember that the police response is focused on engaging and neutralizing suspects first.

LET OUT: Un-secure the area

  • If you are secured in a room, wait for police to clear your area.
  • Consider risks before un-securing a room.
  • Police officers will respond to anything as a threat until it is identified and neutralized.
  • Attempts to rescue people should only be attempted if it can be accomplished without further endangering the persons inside a secure area.
  • If doubt exists for the safety of the individuals inside the room, the area should remain secured until police clear the area.

We will:

REACH OUT: Be supportive of others, stay positive

  • Upon assailant neutralization, the police will then focus on evacuating victims, providing follow-up care, and conducting a criminal investigation.
  • The Crisis Management Team will conduct head counts and an assessment of campus community needs.
  • The University will provide appropriate follow-up care for students, faculty and staff as needed.